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12 November 2016 @ 05:41 pm
[sticky post] Fic Master Post - Supernatural  
I thought my SPN fic probably needed to go in its own post, so here we go. Organised vaguely by category below, chaptered fic at the top, newest to oldest otherwise.

Gen fic

Take Me To The Bridge It’s supposed to be a routine hunt. A few farm animals mutilated a few towns over. It sounds like the work of some two-bit demon—just another day at the office for two experienced hunters and an angel.
But this case is closer to home than it seems. Before long, Dean is in the clutches of a dangerous spirit, and Sam and Cas must try to end an ancient family feud before the whole town—and Dean—gets caught in the crossfire.
Written for the 2015 spn_j2_bigbang. PG-13, 23,000 words.

...And the Deep Blue Sea Coda to 12x03. Mary drives as far from Lebanon as she can get. On the seashore, she meets a friendly stranger. G, 1800 words.

Pharmakon Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the poison from the antidote. Or, Dean and Amara's relationship from 9x11 through to the end of Season 11. PG-13, ~6300 words. Written for frozen_delight for spn_summergen 2016.

The Furies Are at Home in the Mirror Takes place shortly after 10.18 “Book of the Damned.” Dean finds an old mirror in the bunker, and makes a rookie mistake. He doesn’t like what he sees from the other side. PG-13, ~9300 words. Written for frozen_delight for fandomaid.

Threes Coda to 11.09. Rowena's got all her ducks in a row.

Let There Be Light Coda to 11.09. Lucifer isn't quite done with the visions yet. PG-13, ~2300 words.

Alouette Coda to 11.01. Heaven sends Hannah to deliver its justice. PG-13, 1500 words.

Han Shot First Missing scene from 10.20. “Cas. We are not having a conversation about the moral decisions of Star Wars characters.”
“No,” Castiel agrees, “we’re not.”
PG, 1000 words.

The First Casualty AU take on 10.17. Sam takes a walk in the veil, and meets an old ghost. 2900 words.

Make Yourself At Home Dean's chugging green smoothies and Sam's fixing up the bunker. Go figure. Takes place sometime after 10.11. PG-13, 1500 words.

Pagliacci Everybody loves a clown. Dean-centric coda to 10.09. PG-13, 1800 words.

How the Light Gets Out After Castiel, Claire becomes her own canvas. Coda to 10.09. PG-13, 2800 words.

Peace Attend Thee Coda to 10.03, Cas POV. A year after Dean sends you away from the bunker to save Sam, Sam calls you back there to save Dean. There is a symmetry to this that suggests completion. G, 600 words.

Bring Back Her Head Coda to 10.02. Dean escapes the bunker. He comes back with a license plate and a bill of sale. PG, 1300 words.

Trial Prompt: Set in/around 9.16 'Blade Runners' - Cuthbert Sinclair (Magnus) kidnaps Dean and keeps him in his hidden lair. He trains him to use the Blade, feeding him a succession of creatures until Dean is the perfect killing machine. Sam and Cas have to work out how to save Dean from Magnus and then how to bring Dean back. Written for jj1564 for spn_summergen 2014. PG-13, 9400 words.

Away With Us Post-S9 AU. Dean is still marked by the fae as their own, and, with the Mark of Cain gone, they begin to take an interest again. This time, he finds it harder to resist. PG-13, ~5900 words.

Perish Twice Sam and Dean check out what they think is an angel fallen to earth on a snowy mountainside. They find something else entirely. [Sort-of-fusion with The Thing, written for spn_cinema.] R, ~5000 words.

Swimming Underwater Dean is badly injured and unconscious, the Mark of Cain the only thing keeping him alive, and Sam has a tough decision to make. PG-13, 7000 words.

Through the Desert Coda to 9.13. Dean prays, and Castiel pretends not to hear him. PG-13, ~5000 words.

Piercing the Veil Dean gets a migraine. Because this is his life, and a normal illness would just be too much to ask for, things go downhill from there. Takes place early in S4. Response to a prompt on the hoodie_time prompting meme. PG-13, ~7000 words, gen.

Dean/Cas fic

Clean Air Centuries after the surface of the earth was devastated by an unknown disaster, the remnants of humanity live in a series of vast underground silos, each unaware of the existence of the others.
For the inhabitants of Silo 34, the silo is the world, and the only world they know. Questions about the outside world are forbidden, and asking them is what got Dean Winchester's parents killed. He isn't even sure himself that they weren't crazy.
That all changes when he hears a voice on the radio -- a voice from another world.
Written for deancasbigbang 2014. Also features Sam/Jess, minor Dean/Lisa, past Cas/Balthazar. NC-17, 121,000 words.

Zenith AU from 9.06 "Heaven Can't Wait". Still relatively new to humanity, Castiel struggles with both Dean’s confusing behaviour and the loss of his angelic faculties. When a pissed-off witch restores his ability to see the supernatural, the curse seems like a blessing. He can help his friends again – and when Dean’s lies blow up in his face and Sam is once again left hovering between life and death, Cas is happy to be useful. But his abilities keep getting stronger, and they might just be more than a human brain can handle.
Written for the 2015 deancasbigbang challenge. NC-17, 33,000 words.

Take Your Time Takes place sometime between 12x03 and 12x07. With Sam away helping Eileen on a hunt, Cas is looking forward to some quality time alone with his human. Unfortunately, getting Dean to relax is a little more difficult than you'd think... NC-17, 6900 words.

A Path of Cinders AU version of 10x03 "Soul Survivor". Dean lost the Mark of Cain when the demon cure took effect -- but he lost himself, too. He lies unconscious in the bunker, lost in his guilt. Castiel walks in dreams to find him. PG-13, 6000 words.

Soul Kitchen Coda to 12x05. Humans say the kitchen is the heart of the home; and since home is Dean Winchester, Castiel figures they must be right. PG, pre-slash, 3100 words.

The Cuckoo Father Season 7 AU. When Daphne Allen found a half-drowned amnesiac in the river, she did what any sensible person would and called the police. They identified him as Jimmy Novak, missing since 2008, and reunited him with his wife and daughter. But his memories refuse to return, and he can't shake the feeling that he belongs elsewhere. Maybe it has something to do with the voice he hears in his dreams... R, 8300 words.

Graveyard Shift Future!fic. Sitting out a hunt with a busted knee is never Dean's idea of a good time, and that goes double when there's a now-human Cas out there hunting without him. Written for the 2015 Destiel Smut Brigade fall challenge. Dean/Cas, NC-17, 4100 words.

Touched After the fight of 10.14, Cas goes to Dean's room and tends to his wounds. NC-17, 4800 words.

Love Burns Its Casualties Missing scene from 5.04 "The End". Dean and Cas share a joint; try to avoid thinking; fail. NC-17, 5000 words.

Day 45 It's the Fourth of July, and the sky is dark. Coda to 10.23. G, 4000 words.

How Many Roads Coda to 10.18. What is the maddest thing an angel can do? Let himself become a man., PG, 1000 words.

Give Me That Old-Fashioned Morphine Cas tries to help Dean deal with the Mark of Cain. Problem is, Dean's doing the opposite of dealing. R, 5500 words.

We Who Were Living After the end of days, there are... more days. Castiel takes them one at a time. Sometimes Dean is there with him. Mostly he isn't.
AU from 5.18 "Point of No Return". Dean said 'yes', Sam was killed along with Lucifer, and Michael checked out. Cas and Dean try to live in the aftermath. PG-13, 5700 words.

Unfurl, Like A Wing In A Thermal After a run-in with a rogue Woman of Letters, Castiel finds himself with visible wings.
Being injured in the aftermath of the encounter and stuck on lockdown in the bunker is bad enough, but between attacking zombies, cultlike followers, and his tentative relationship with Dean, he soon finds that his injuries are the least of his worries.
Written for the 2014 spn_reversebang, for a lovely art prompt by jennilah. PG-13, 20,800 words.

'Til Morning It’s the look in the kid’s eyes. The one who’s gotten up like Cas, with the munchkin-sized trenchcoat and the ridiculous painted-on stubble and the fluffy white wings from a kid’s Halloween costume. Dean leaves Marie and rounds the corner of the stage, and there she is. Standing with her face upturned to the light and singing like—well, yeah, like an angel. If you shut your eyes and just listened you could probably forget about the wobbly sets and the costumes that don’t fit and the fucking robot and all the rest of it.
Dean’s got a scarecrow to kill and no time for any of that crap, so he tears his eyes away and makes himself forget about it. But it comes back to him, later. The look in her eyes.
Coda to 10.05. PG-13, ~4300 words.

The Failing Candle Still Casts a Shadow 9.23 coda. It surprises him, that his hands still know how to be gentle. They’ll forget soon. PG-13, ~3500 words.

Falconry Cas likes to feed the birds. G, 324 words.

That's Me in the Corner Missing scene from 9.06. After Cas's disastrous evening, Dean tries to give him a little encouragement. He ends up giving much more than he planned. NC-17, 8700 words.

Restoration After the events of 9.09, Dean calls Castiel back to the bunker. Dean can't accept what he needs; Castiel can't work out what he is. NC-17, ~6000 words.

Do It So It Feels Like Hell Drinking helps Dean forget about the things he did in Hell. So does pain. It's complicated. Takes place about a month after 4.16, before 4.17. R, ~3000 words.

Dean/Benny fic

I Can Tell You How It Ends Sent back in time to 1959 to retrieve a magical key, Dean runs into a pre-Andrea Benny, and narrowly avoids killing him. Now he’s stuck playing nurse to an injured vampire and trying to unfuck a timeline he shouldn’t even be in yet. How much more complicated could things get?
Written for the 2015 Dean/Benny Big Bang. NC-17, 64,000 words.

The Gift Canon-divergent at the end of 11x23. Being imprisoned is lonely, and Amara spends more than a little time wandering through Dean's memories. Among them, she finds somebody who surprises her. PG-13, also featuring canon-level Dean/Amara, 2500 words.

Just Another Word After an argument with Sam, Dean hits the road. Luckily for him, Benny's waiting at the other end of it. NC-17, ~2900 words.

Almost Golden It's days like this make Benny wish he'd been a painter. NC-17, 1500 words.

Dean/Benny challenge ficlets Responses to deanbennychallenges' week of prompts on Tumblr. PG-13 to R, mostly <1000 words.

Sam/Lucifer fic

Via Negationis AU from partway through 11.14. Lucifer's dead. Sam knows that. He was there; he saw it happen. But now Amara's gone and the Devil is on his doorstep, bedraggled, mortal, and apparently willing to throw himself on the mercy of the Winchesters.
There has to be more to this than meets the eye. Sam can't help feeling that he's playing right into Lucifer's hands, whether he runs and hides or expresses his long-suppressed anger. As events unfold around them, though, he starts to wonder if either of them is really in control of this thing...
Written for the 2016 spn_j2_bigbang. NC-17, ~60,000 words. Please read the warnings!

North Star Fantasy AU. Rival kings Lucifer and Michael have been tearing the kingdom apart since their father died, each of them convinced he should be the one to rule it alone. Between their warring factions and the civilian resistance that wants them both gone, peace seems like a distant dream.
In the frozen islands to the north, magic glitters beneath the ice. Lucifer travels there in disguise, seeking an advantage in the fight against his brother -- but ends up finding something rather different.
Written for the 2016 Samifer Big Bang. NC-17, ~11,000 words.

The Invisible Man S5/End!verse AU. Drifting from town to town, with no contact from Dean or any of his friends, Sam's starting to feel like a ghost. He just wants to make somebody feel something. NC-17, ~6400 words.

Nacre Two halves made whole, too late. S11 vague-fixit. PG, ~1800 words.

Other pairing fic

In Troubled Regions There's no such thing as normal when the world's busy ending again. But then, Sam and Jody both have head-starts when it comes to accepting that. Sam/Jody, PG-13, ~2200 words. Written for killabeez for spnspringfling 2016.

Back to the Garden Canon-divergent part-way though 5.13. Prompt: They both want the same thing: Sam taken apart, cancelled, for the sake of averting the apocalypse. When Sam approaches Anna to see if she can really do what she says she can, there's a real connection. But they both know what has to be done. Sam/Anna, PG-13, ~1400 words.

Fahrenheit 98.6 Coda to 10.21. Charlie wakes up cold. Charlie/Dorothy, PG, ~5000 words.
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